Asia Diamond Trading&Investment Summit

         Asia Diamond Trading&Investment Summit 2012

  (25th - 26th Oct,2012, Shanghai)

  The United States has been the world's largest diamond market, accounting for about 40%. China and India is the fastest growing market of diamond consumption right now,some diamond suppliers are expected the demand for diamonds in China and India will overtake the the next 5-10 years, the growth in demand will drive the growth of the global market. Because the middle-class people are more and more in China and India,the diamond demand growth could be twice the supply growth,Chinese and Indian diamond demands are estimated to grow by more than 10 percent in the next 10 years, the global diamond market expansion would be nearly doubled.

  Diamond prices rise as U.S. consumer demand recovery and strong asian demand drive this year, it is more stable than gold.China has been the world's second largest diamond consumer market for 3 years Since 2009, it grows as 15% each year,and the gap of the diamond imports sizes with the United States narrowed, the unit price of imports was close to.During the past 30 years, a number of billionaires emerge in China,In recent years, the Chinese luxury goods has been in a blowout status , its growth has been No.1 for last 4 years.In the end of 2011,the Ministry of Commerce finnaly confirm, China will lower import tariffs on luxury goods furtherly,the corresponding policy for luxury goods will provide the foundation and security for diamond industry's healthy development.

  The diamond has always been based on the image of the "hard currency" to exist.since 1934,diamond value-added rate exceeded inflation.therfore,it was the tool to resist the inflation in western countries,right now in China,as people's understanding of the diamond, more and more people purchase diamonds as a reserve asset,meanwhile,the housing and stock market are gloomy together,diamond become the darling of the market.

  Domestic diamond prices is about 5% qoq ind the first quarter of this year, rose nearly 30 percent in 2011. it indicates the growth of the domestic diamond investment. Insiders said that the value-added advantages of high end diamond in particular has attracted the attendance of many funds this year.It is noteworthy that, some banks and trust firms plan to launch their diamond investment business as well,it should be the boding of another wave peak for diamond investments.



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